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Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of the products and services we provide. We are also dedicated to creating safe, secure, and comfortable building spaces for people and working toward the realization of smart buildings and cities, while solving social issues. To deliver our commitment, we are focused on the following initiatives:

Pursuing user-friendly, eco-conscious products

We’re driving the development of high-efficiency, energy-saving products and technologies, and saving resources by designing products and systems that are safe and easy to use for everybody. As part of our expertise, we promote the renewal of existing equipment and facilities in order to reduce power consumption and improve safety and convenience, while minimizing waste discharge by reusing parts whenever possible. We’re also contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society through a variety of products and services, including our cutting-edge ZEB*1 solutions.

  • *1Zero Energy Building: A building where the net consumption of fossil fuel energy is zero or roughly zero, offset by energy savings and the utilization of renewable energy resources.

Contributing to smart buildings*2 and smart cities*3

We contribute to the construction of smart buildings and smart cities by providing building operation support services via our IoT platform.

  • *2Buildings where people can feel safe and worry-free, a workplace where they can work efficiently, and an environment where they feel comfortable knowing that the building is helping save labor and energy because of the use of various in-building data collected using IoT technology.
  • *3Cities with optimized urban infrastructure and facility management operations as well as increased convenience and comfort for businesses and consumers. AI is used to analyze big data generated from facilities, the environment, and consumer behavior data in order to remotely control facilities and equipment.

Major social challenges for which risks and
opportunities have been recognized and evaluated

  • Optimal use of energy
  • Development of safe, secure, comfortable and sustainable cities
  • Waste reduction
  • Response to climate change

Priority SDG initiatives

Initiatives to help address social challenges

Pursuing comfortable, safe and
secure elevator transport and contributing to smart buildings

NEXIEZ-MRL Version2: Standardized Elevators for the global market

NEXIEZ-MRL Version2 model of Standardized Elevators for the global market was launched in October 2021, bringing improved efficiency, and this model also helps improve passenger safety, comfort and convenience by providing antivirus solutions that meet the demands of the “new normal.”

New door system boosts operational efficiency

Our Quick-motion Door System shortens door opening and closing times, increasing transport efficiency while cutting average waiting time*1.The combination of the Quick-motion Door System and our Quick Closing System with Sensor that reduces the time that door is open when it detects no passengers in the elevator hall, reduces the average waiting time by approximately 24%*1. Improvements in operational efficiency provide more comfortable transportation.

Quick Closing System with Sensor

Accommodates use by mobile robots for labor saving

Our new models are designed to allow use of the elevators by robots for operations such as building security, cleaning and transportation, and can be integrated into the building management systems of various manufacturers*3, contributing to labor saving and building operation efficiency.

  • *1Compared to the previous NEXIEZ-MRL elevator. Simulated with 2 cars with 13 persons each at 1.0m/sec and 4 stops. Transport efficiency is simulated in 5 minutes.
  • *2Mitsubishi Electric original technology. An electric field/discharge suppresses contaminants in the air, such as viruses, bacteria and pollen.
  • *3Limited to models that comply with our company standards.
Our NEXIEZ Series elevators reduce energy usage and respond to local needs

The NEXIEZ Series, a line of standardized elevators for international markets uses a gearless traction machine equipped with a permanent magnet motor. This results in a more compact, lightweight design and a 20% reduction in power consumption compared to conventional models. Further reductions in power consumption can be achieved by installing LED interior lighting and a converter system that stores and uses electricity generated during braking.

For Europe, where people are very environmentally conscious, we have introduced MOVE, which saves space and reduces the burden on the environment for low- to medium-rise office buildings and condominiums. With NEXIEZ-DeLITE for India, where power outages occur often, we provide a function that automatically checks the elevator conditions and swiftly lands the elevator car at the nearest floor using a battery in the event passengers are confined in the car due to a power outage as a standard function to support the needs of local users.

Elevator for India

Disaster prevention functions

Mitsubishi Electric’s elevators have built-in disaster prevention functions in case of various disasters, including earthquakes, and fires. For example, in the event of an earthquake, when a sensor detects the first tremor (P-waves) or when a large quake is forecast based on earthquake early warnings distributed by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the cars will park at the nearest floor to reduce the risk of passengers becoming trapped inside.

Destination Oriented Allocation System (DOAS)

When elevator passengers pass through a building’s security gate, their destination floors are automatically registered in the system based on security information stored in their ID card, such as an employee card. Then passengers are advised as to which elevator to board on a display at the security gate. This eliminates the need to press buttons in the elevator hall or inside the elevator car. It also minimizes stops by assembling passengers into a single car according to their destination floors. Boarding times can be shortened during the busiest times, such as the beginning of office hours, and transport efficiency is improved. It reduces congestion in the elevator hall as a result.

Supporting safe and comfortable use of elevators and escalators through advanced maintenance services

M's BRIDGE™ global remote maintenance service for elevators

In the growing global elevator market, user convenience, comfort and safety are paramount. The importance of maintenance services to support such needs is attracting greater attention. M's BRIDGE™ uses our unique IoT platform to automatically and remotely detect a failure and analyze and investigate remotely the cause based on collected failure data from the building’s equipment. By restoring the elevator service as soon as possible, M's BRIDGE™ contributes to improved user safety, security, and convenience. In addition, this service uses the data collected through its remote inspection to help prevent future incidents and provides quality and efficient maintenance services.

Conceptual diagram of M's BRIDGE™

Further improving safety, comfort, and functionality through elevator and escalator renewal

ELEMOTION Elevator Renewal Menu

To maintain the safety, security and comfort of elevators, renewal at the appropriate time*1 is essential. The ELEMOTION menu facilitates the renewal of existing rope-type elevators to the latest model equipped with an inverter-controlled system, a gearless traction machine and permanent magnet motor. With the adoption of a system UCMP, to protect elevators from moving with the door opened*2 and devices in accordance with the latest seismic criteria, this menu provides safe, secure, smooth and comfortable rides. Moreover, ELEMOTION offers a variety of replacement equipment, enabling customers to make decisions based on budget, preferred installation time, and the ability to reduce waste.

  • *1Renewal times are often indicated as 25 years after completion of a building.
  • *2A system to prevent elevators from traveling with the door open even in the event of abnormalities in the control circuit or brake.


ESMOTION Escalator Renewal Menu

Escalator safety and security also requires renewal at the appropriate time*. A renewal of escalators to a model with an inverter system facilitated by the ESMOTION menu provides the units with the latest safety measures that allow the escalators to be used safely and with peace of mind. When the safety system is in operation or the emergency switch is pressed, the escalator stops slowly to reduce the risk of passengers stumbling or falling. However, when the escalator detects an object caught in the escalator, it stops the escalator immediately. By stopping the escalator slowly or immediately depending on the situation in this way, safety during emergencies has been improved. The inverter system, which enables the speed to be switched to a slow speed for senior citizens and children to get on and off easily, also considers the safety of users.

*Renewal times are often indicated as 25 years after completion of a building.

Supporting seamless movement within buildings via our guide system using animation lighting

TERASU GUIDE® Building Total Solution

As traveling within buildings has become complicated recently due to an increase in large-scale complexes, the importance of accurately communicating information to all visitors has increased. TERASU GUIDE® projects light animations onto the floor to help facility users understand guidance and cautions intuitively as well as move around smoothly. This enables sign displays to be changed easily according to the time and situation, which also contributes to streamlining guidance operations, reducing the labor involved in building management operations, and reducing the cost of creating sign boards.

Sign display example


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