SustainabilityPromoting employee participation and a
better work environment

Our business is supported by people and technology. That’s why we have created a workplace where everyone can work with peace of mind and positive energy. It’s also why we are focusing on developing employees who are passionate about the work our company does to support people's lives.

Creating our corporate culture

Our company made a new start as Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions in April 2022. As part of our efforts to build a unique corporate culture, we are actively implementing to create the right organizational climate and instill the company's aspirations among employees.

One such initiative is our “Transformation Project,” which aims, through repeated dialogue, to define a new corporate culture and improve the company together with employees. We are striving to become an organization that learns, empathizes, and drives itself. To this end, we take the approach of “recognizing the individual, growing the individual, and creating a place for the individual” as the basis for our various activities.

Maintaining a workplace environment where everyone can work with peace of mind and enthusiasm is an essential part of creating corporate culture. Various departments work together in developing measures and support systems to prevent harassment, improve work productivity, and promote work-life balance.

Our initiatives

Communication Day

Communication Day is an opportunity to organize horizontal dialogues between people in the same departments. We also hold vertical dialogues between top management and employees. This activity helps to “get to know colleagues and get colleagues to know me.”

Through this activity, each person can independently think about "what we can do or change just even a little bit for a better tomorrow" by conveying the company's aspirations and the need for change, participants also share/learn and empathize with the issues they are experiencing day to day.

Management interview videos

We publish video interviews with management on our company intranet. The videos provide opportunities for employees to learn and understand the thoughts and ideas of management, such as company vision, their priorities related to work, and messages to employees.

One-on-one dialogues

This initiative increases opportunities for superiors (leaders) and subordinates (members) to have more casual conversations through one-on-one dialogues that are not solely about work-related matters. By clarifying through dialogue things that were previously unclear―such as mutual understanding, employees’ own roles in the company, and their future career vision―our aim is to create a workplace environment in which each employee can approach work with an attitude of greater enjoyment and enthusiasm, and where autonomy and independence are encouraged.

Tour of business sites
by executives

One way that we communicate our corporate philosophy, company aspirations, and management strategies is by having our executives tour our business sites and hold dialogues there.

Safety and health

Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions has clearly stated in Our Values that “we prioritize health and safety, promote diversity and respect personalities and human rights.” Ensuring the safety of every employee of our company, our affiliates, and partner companies and creating an environment where they can work with a sense of purpose are essential foundations for the continued development of our business.

With this priority in mind, we are thoroughly familiarizing all employees―everyone from management to affiliated companies in Japan and overseas―with safety and health policies and safety global guideline, to create a corporate culture steeped in safety awareness and sensitivity. We are promoting various initiatives by formulating policies in each of our manufacturing divisions and field operation departments for construction and maintenance.

In addition, in the unlikely event of a labor accident, we have a system in place to promptly respond and remedy the situation. To prevent labor accidents, we conduct safety diagnoses and safety patrols, implement safety global guideline audits at overseas affiliates, provide training-based education, and promote commercial vehicle accident prevention.

Company-wide Safety Day

We have established June 1st of each year as Company-wide Safety Day. In addition to sharing a message from the president with the entire company and affiliates in Japan and overseas, we also encourage employees to take precautions in their daily work. This is a day to look back and consider the importance of protecting oneself.

Furthermore, we have put in place an internal system to support the mental and physical health of our employees while also utilizing external resources. we aim to raise health awareness to create a workplace where employees can take the initiative in improving their health.

Education and training

Our company's “human development education” is based on nurturing great personalities, the acquisition of technical skills, and the attainment of disciplined behavior. We aim to develop human resources who can think and act independently, by having each employee know themselves, face technology and deal with other people.

In Japan, our Training Center is a core facility of our human resource education. We are focused on developing capable people, such as dedicated, highly skilled engineers with deep knowledge of our elevators/escalators and building facilities (air conditioning, heating and cooling, and building systems), sales representatives who can provide solutions tailored to customer needs, and personnel who can play an active role in global markets.

We also provide education to cultivate humanity and strive to develop comprehensively talented human resources to consistently provide high-quality services from the customer's perspective.

To ensure the quality of our products and services and the safety and security of our customers overseas, our passion for human resources development is not limited to Japan.

We are proposing an approach based on our education and training system to 45 affiliated companies and distributors engaged in sales, installation, and maintenance overseas. Accordingly, each sales company conducts training at its own training facilities/centers or through on-site OJT. In addition, we receive requests from affiliated companies for training and dispatch of instructors, and we make training proposals when new product models are released. We are creating an environment for human resource development that accommodates each other’s circumstances at the time. We also accept maintenance engineers to Japan from affiliated companies mainly in East Asia.

Our education and training efforts are not one-sided exchanges; we foster mutual communication with our affiliates around the world, sharing know-how from overseas locations to nurture a sense of unity as colleagues within the Mitsubishi Electric Group's building systems business.

Training Center

Advanced technological capabilities, flexibility in coping with challenges, and world-leading safety/security expertise cannot be realized merely by reading textbooks or attending lectures.
At the Training Center, we aggressively expand training facilities in line with the launch of new models and technologies in addition to existing products. On the 33,000㎡ premises, we create an environment in which trainees can acquire not only technical skills but also the “Engineer Spirit,” so that they can further grow as engineers.

Learn more: Training Center

“TAKUMI*” Installation Training Center

Inazawa Building Systems Works, the mother factory of our elevator and escalator manufacturing base, has facilities specialized in training installation engineers.

Practical and effective training using actual products and virtual reality equipment takes place here.

The installation of elevators and escalators requires many years of accumulated experience and technology. By strengthening the training of our installation engineers, we are improving installation quality and providing safe, secure, and comfortable elevators and escalators.

*Takumi:A Japanese word denoting a great master.

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