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We aim to provide a space where employees can work enthusiastically in their own unique way. By facilitating communication between employees, new innovations can come to life. We will continue to change each day to improve the community as well as the digitally and physically built environment.

1Smooth elevator boarding

  • Secure
  • Convenient

This system enables car allocation depending on the destination floor for each passenger registered with their ID card at the security gates. By assigning each elevator to each group of passengers who are heading to the same floor before they arrive at the elevator lobby, the system reduces not only the number of stops of each elevator, but also waiting time, providing smoother traffic flow. This is an essential solution for busy offices.

2Mighty shield for all tenants

  • Secure

The security system incorporating card readers, QR codes or facial recognition effectively protects tenants’ assets. It can also provide data that can be utilized in the attendance management system.

3Freedom from elevator buttons

  • Secure
  • Convenient

Users can call an elevator using a smartphone. This function allows users to access other floors without pressing any elevator’s call buttons.

4Overcome labor shortages with robots

  • Economical

Coordination between elevators and robots assists robot operations so that the robots can move freely between floors in the building. It enables 24/7 security surveillance, delivery and cleaning independent of the availability of service personnel.

5Simplify facility operation
with centralized management

  • Economical
  • Secure

Our BMS (Building Management System) allows building managers to monitor the operational status of building facilities and control them centrally. Energy consumption and any operational failures can be monitored in the building manager’s office, making facility management more efficient. Why not centralize the complicated processes of managing your building?

Some functions may not be available in certain countries. Pleas e consult our local agents for details.
Please inquire with our local agents about the scope of service s we provide.

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