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We spend a lot of time imagining the future—and delivering on it. The cities of tomorrow will usher in great advances on the technology-based, sustainable smart cities that are growing more common today across the globe.

Buildings of the future
make the cities of tomorrow

To date, we have focused largely on providing high quality components through technological breakthroughs, and considering energy-savings and ecology, in addition to digitization and mobility.

These breakthroughs will continue into the future, making cities even smarter, more sustainable and more convenient for residents and communities.

However, as urban centers create ever-taller buildings and become more populated, the smarter cities of tomorrow, and the advances needed to create them, will be achieved by putting greater emphasis on the comfort, convenience, welfare and satisfaction of the people who live and work within them.

Smart building/city solutions will be the key to accommodating the increased number of people moving into cities in the coming decades.

Urban dwellers spend the majority of their time inside city structures. Which is why our wide range of building solutions include cutting-edge ideas and proposals to help build the future. Let’s take a look at how we deliver greater value to building owners and users.

Carbon neutral and energy conservation

Achieving carbon neutrality will continue to grow in importance when considering building solutions.

Through new products and by reducing our resource inputs, we’re expanding how we can contribute to CO2 reduction. For example, one way that we’re delivering energy efficiency is through our regenerative convertor in which the elevator’s traction machine functions as a power generator under certain conditions. It transmits the power back to the distribution transformer which feeds into the electrical power network of the building, along with electricity from the power supply, enabling it to be effectively used as a supplementary power source for lighting, air conditioning, and other devices.

We also provide cutting-edge solutions to monitor energy consumption and energy optimization measures in buildings and continue to reduce waste through product renewal/reuse and repair of maintenance parts.

Safety & security

Building user safety and building security are paramount in smart building solutions.

The products and services we provide to our customers start with safety and security, which is why we use total data analysis to detect any abnormalities in advance within any equipment linked to daily building maintenance and operational management. These technologies also help with advance prevention of intrusion by unauthorized persons.
Safety and security go hand-in-hand with greater convenience.

Higher efficiency

The population is getting older and the next generation’s values are changing. To respond to the labor shortages that are resulting from these changes, systematization and improvement of operational efficiency are some of the key issues facing those who provide building solutions. To solve these social issues, it is essential to make buildings and cities smarter. The utilization of robots as a workforce is one important solution, but it is essential that they can move around buildings and provide services with the same purpose and quality as humans. It’s also essential that building equipment itself can notify managers of signs of abnormal operation, thereby preventing failures and increasing the efficiency of their work.


The innovations that power data collection and analysis, connectivity, and safety/security in smart elevator systems also offer a new and more personal user experience. Facial recognition, access cards or a smart phone app tell the system who a user is. The system can learn the user’s travel patterns and automatically dispatch an elevator car so that it’s waiting when the user arrives at the door and travels seamlessly to the destination floor. In addition, by controlling air conditioning and lighting according to individual preferences, it is possible to create a comfortable environment for users.

The above elements are just few examples of how we’re becoming a "Circular Digital-Engineering" company aiming to create new value by utilizing data both inside and outside the Group, and applying it to benefit many customers, thereby contributing to the resolution of social issues.

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