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People spend close to half their lives in residential settings. Residential buildings are where residents replenish their daily vitality in a comfortable space that suits and meets their needs. We provide solutions to create just such a place.

1Ease up your busy morning

  • Convenient

Call an elevator to your floor simply by pressing a button in your room. This feature reduces waiting time at the elevator lobby and is useful especially for people who need a little more time in their busy morning.

2Your face, your key

  • Secure
  • Convenient

A facial recognition system dramatically enhances building security. As your face is the key to the delivery box, building entrance, and elevator, you do not have to carry a key or worry anymore about losing it when going out.

3Visitor friendly but secure

  • Secure
  • Convenient

If unauthorized use of the elevator is restricted for security reasons in the residence, from the comfort of your room you can authorize visitors to use the elevator, so there is no need to go down to the entrance floor or make your friends wait for you. This is a useful feature for people who frequently invite friends to a house party. It also makes receiving home deliveries easy.

4A better life with robots

  • Economical

Coordination between elevators and robots assists robot operations so that the robots can move freely between the floors in the residence. It enables 24/7 security surveillance, delivery and cleaning independent of the availability of service personnel.

Some functions may not be available in certain countries. Pleas e consult our local agents for details.
Please inquire with our local agents about the scope of service s we provide.

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