Elevator car in office

Our projects7 Clarges

London, UK

Elevator car in office

The greater Clarges development graces London’s Mayfair area, and includes prime office space in an exceptional building that blends tradition with contemporary design. Mayfair is one of the most prized addresses in London, popular for its culture of high-end shopping, dining and entertainment, and its well-appointed properties for business. This office building at 7 Clarges Street merges the ideas of bespoke and practical.

Which is why MEBS was the ideal choice to provide the 10 elevators that service this property. The varied installations add to the functionality and aesthetics of the building in this bustling, affluent district.

Elevator lobby in office

Ground-floor elevator lobby in office

Exterior view

7 Clarges

Location: London, UK
Architects: Squire & Partners
Installation completed in: 2017

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