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A new company for a new world

On April 1, 2022, we started anew as Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions Corporation, which was formed through the merger of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s building systems business and Mitsubishi Electric Building Techno-Service Co., Ltd.

Embracing tomorrow

Our philosophy is to contribute to enriching people's lives in buildings and urban spaces. To achieve this, we will dedicatedly pursue technological innovation and provide value that is closely linked to people and society. We believe that the future is bright.

People and technology are the driving force in actualizing our philosophy. In order to contribute to the creation of tomorrow's comfortable cities that exceed the imagination and in which people truly wish to live, each of us will improve our knowledge, skills, and technologies, and stay close to our customers. Never satisfied with what already is, we imagine what could be. Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions Corporation will strive to be a company that inspires society and continues to be sought after by all stakeholders.

Focusing on you

For us, all stakeholders involved in building spaces are our customers. As society changes and the issues faced by those customers also change, we know that the best way to provide optimal solutions is by staying close to our customers, understanding their real issues from various perspectives and turning challenges into advantages. We will continue to seek and provide new value to meet their needs.

Integrating our strengths, building the future

Through management integration, we have built an integrated business operational structure encompassing everything from the installation of new elevators and escalators to maintenance and renewal. As a company that actively supports the social infrastructure of today—and tomorrow—Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions Corporation can provide one-stop solutions that combine the two companies’ world-class expertise in a diverse range of building-related products and services, including air conditioning, power receiving and transforming technologies and venue lighting, as well as a wealth of experience in building operation management systems. The comprehensive capabilities of the Mitsubishi Electric Group and our ability to contribute to the asset management of the building itself are also among our many strengths.

We already have a track record in approximately 100 countries around the world; however, leveraging the strength of our integrated system, we continue to develop and provide products and services globally to expand our business even further.

Looking ahead

To achieve the bright future that we envision, Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions Corporation will continue developing the cutting-edge solutions necessary to create, maintain and ensure advanced, safe, comfortable, and sustainable building environments. We shall work closely with stakeholders to ensure that our expertise serves to their advantage.

Iwao Oda

President & CEO

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